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 How My Milk Stone was born...

Hello! My name is Ingrid and I am in charge of the magic behind the milk to stone transformation. I am a single parent to my beautiful baby boy, Jonah! From a young age, I developed a deep admiration for jewelry and even worked for Gorjana in my early twenties. A couple years later, when I had become pregnant, I had a strong calling to create something, but I had no idea what it was that I was supposed to create. All I knew was that it was going to be jewelry! Fast forward to when I was breastfeeding Jonah in his early months; I came upon a sudden, overwhelming, sentimental epiphany that one day this bond would end. I thought to myself, "I can't be the only mom who feels like this? There must be a way to treasure this moment." Later, I came across the concept of breastmilk jewelry—it was so fascinating to me! So, that strong calling that I had gotten, finally clicked, and so I decided I was going to create a breastmilk jewelry business. Although My Milk Stone took a dip later on, we came back stronger and better than ever! This is just the beginning to something huge, and I am so glad you are on this journey with me!

Ingrid's Story...

I come from a background of immigrant parents, traditional values, and a stable home. Although, I initially pursued a settled road into marriage and a family, things turned upside down quick. When I was just 4 months pregnant, my husband passed away due to an unexpected tragedy. I dedicate a part of this business to him because we shared a common vision with honor and respect in mind to make our country better in any way we could—and in this case, I hope to bring smiles and closure to all of the breastfeeding mamas in the U.S!

I am currently majoring in Child and Adolescent Studies due to my love for teaching, and interest in child development. I put my faith first especially during times of hardship, and believe that a solid foundation in the truth will always prevail. My vision for My Milk Stone is to create a sponsorship platform for domestic abuse survivors, single parents, and children in need of a voice, while sharing the Gospel. Thus far in life, I am turning my adversities into advantages, and my mess into a message. I hope to spread inspiration and strength by sharing my story!


My son, Jonah and I!