Find Your Ring Size!

1. Create a Tool

You will create a tool using a piece of string or slim strip of paper. You will need a pen and a ruler.


2. Measure in Millimeters

Using your tool, wrap it around your ideal finger. With a pen, mark where the end of your tool meets the other end.
Unwrap the tool from your finger, and measure it alongside a ruler on the centimeters (cm) side. Measure from the end of your tool to the pen marking in order to find the precise measurement in millimeters (mm).


Keep in mind: There is 10 mm per 1 cm 


3. Analyze and Choose Size

Find your measurement (mm) in the chart below. Choose the closest number to your measurement and reveal your ring size!



1. Wrap the tool around your finger tightly as the material (paper or string) can loosen up-not too tight where the rest of your finger is bulging.

2. Round your measurement +/- to the closest number (i.g. if your measurement reads 60mm, then your best bet would be size 9 (59.5mm).



Size 3


Size 4


Size 5


Size 6


Size 7


Size 8


Size 9


Size 10